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Just a dreaming transboy born 400 years too late.

Lost Souls, by Poppy Z Brite: A Drinking Game

Take a shot (of Chartreuse, perhaps?) every time you read:

1. tongue

2. sticky

3. altars

4. magic

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So I was watching Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil with my brother last night, and when Williams was revealed to be gay, my brother said, “I knew it.” When I asked how, he replied, “The man has a cat. I just knew it.”

“Secret to writing a bestseller: You write. You stop dreaming of writing. You stop talking about writing. Stop wishing you were writing. And you write.”

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do you ever get sad over something that happened a long time ago because i do 

I get sad about things that happened 400 years ago…

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Check out this blog if you enjoy wasting your life!

MY GOD.  Someone else noticed it.

reblog if you want anonymous opinions of you

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Details of paintings of flower vases I saw at the Louvre. (click on each to enlarge and see the wonderful details)

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Social experiment. Reblog if you actually give a shit about men who are victims of rape and domestic abuse.

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